A true citizen of the world, Esti has worked in world-renowned restaurants across the globe (including est. and Rockpool in Sydney, and Spanish 3 Michelin star restaurant Azurmendi just to name a few), trained in France, the US, Australia and in Spain and has developed his own artistic chocolate identify. Today as we celebrate all things chocolate, Esti will show us how he tempers chocolate to create his delicious Chocolate Bonbons.

For table tempering melt your dark chocolate to ideally 50 degrees celsius. If you use milk or white chocolate, reduce the temperature to 45 degrees celsius.

Pour about 80-90% of the chocolate onto the bench. Marble or thick stone is best, but if you don’t have one just use a traditional kitchen bench. The important part is having a temperature controlled room under degrees celsius. Ideally 18-20 degrees celsius.

Move the chocolate on the bench and check the temperature until it drops to 28-29 degrees celsius. A laser thermometer comes really handy but you can also use a probe thermometer.

Scoop or pour all your chocolate back to the bowl with the remaining 10-20%, which is warmer and stir to combine.

Dip a spoon or other clean utensil into the chocolate and let it sit for 5 minutes. The chocolate should set/crystallize within that time.

Hold the chocolate at 31-32 degrees celsius and work with it to make your creations!

Want more Chocolate fun? Esti will be in the VIVE Kitchen on Saturday 20th of July teaching his Chocolate Bonbon Masterclass. Reserve your position, as availability is limited.

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Special thanks to Esti Garica for sharing his cooking tips and video demonstration. Follow Esti @estigarcia.patissier https://estigarcia.com/.

Video production by @therawrcollective