Hey food enthusiasts, have you decided on serving fresh oysters for your guests, and you feel like it’s cheating to serve oysters from the fishmonger that were already opened? We got you, you are here because you love to serve the best for your esteemed guests and it can be daunting to open oysters for the first time. 

Rest assured, Chef Jodie made a quick video on how to safely open/shuck oyster like a pro. 

The essential tools before you start: 

To shuck your oyster, you will need a tea towel, an oyster-shucking knife and a bit of practice. 

Pop your oysters in the fridge and chill them for at least half an hour. This will help your oysters relax their muscles. Also, it’s always great to have chilled oysters.

The Shucking Technique:

Finding the Sweet Spot: Locate the oyster’s hinge—the pointy end opposite the curved shell. This is where the magic happens.

Insert and Twist: With confidence, insert the tip of the oyster knife into the hinge. Give it a gentle twist until you feel the knife slide in. Imagine you’re unlocking a treasure chest. Be mindful to not pierce through the oyster flesh. 

The Pop: Once the knife is in, angle it upwards to cut the muscle that connects the top and bottom shells. Hear that satisfying pop? Victory is yours!

Release the Oyster: Slide the knife along the top shell to detach it completely. Marvel at the beauty of the exposed oyster. You did it!

Final Touch: Detach the oyster from the bottom shell, ensuring a clean presentation. If needed, give it a quick rinse to remove any shell fragments.

Serve and Enjoy:

Now that you’ve conquered the art of shucking, it’s time to present your masterpiece. Arrange the opened oysters on a bed of ice, add a wedge of lemon for that zesty kick or go a little further by serving a classic mignonette sauce, and voila! You’re ready to dazzle your guests with your newfound skills.

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