def: COFFEE – a hot drink made from the roasted and ground bean-like seeds of a tropical shrub




Hello VIVE family

After many pinch-myself moments last weekend during the launch of The Cannery and VIVE Cooking School, we can now proudly (and loudly) shout it from the rooftops – WE’RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our open day celebrations – it was an incredible day full of friends, food and laughter and a wonderful way to kick off our VIVE cooking adventures.

A special mention and massive thanks must go to our good friends at Wild Kombucha by BallsyFungimentalSadhana Kitchen and Growspace for their delicious contributions on the day.

Already there are so many success stories open for business within The Cannery, with many more on their way over the next few months. One such soon-to-be-neighbour is Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, the next instalment from the brains behind successful Sydney city coffee enterprise Cabrito Coffee Traders.

I chatted recently to Kit – one half of the Cabrito coffee duo – to see what these guys have on the radar for their The Cannery venture. Read on for all the caffeine-infused goss!

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“While we both have a long history in the hospitality and alcohol industry, coffee has always been a favorite. We’re both super passionate about coffee.

— Kit Cheong, Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee


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Michael Cookson and Kit Cheong are both insanely passionate about coffee. The dual owners behind city success Cabrito Coffee Traders, these clever business partners are now taking their coffee knowledge and experience to the brand spanking new The Cannery complex in Rosebery, Sydney with the creation of Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee.

More than just a place to tell tales over a favourite cup, Welcome Dose will offer a true bean-to-cup experience for the passionate coffee connoisseur. A roasting and retail haven that aims to educate and inform around the concept of specialty coffee, the theatrics of the entire process – from the roasting of the beans to the final cup – will be open and accessible to all who visit.

To really earn your coffee stripes, jump on board some instore tasting – or cupping for those in the know – and gain a greater understanding around the tastes and aromas that are the hallmarks of your favourite brew.

Welcome Dose will have full control over the selection of green coffee, the roast profiles, the roasting and the final brewing method. Their ability to demonstrate these processes in a retail environment such as The Cannery will make for an incredibly unique customer experience.

Between this coffee-loving pair, Michael and Kit have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the alcohol and hospitality industry which has translated seamlessly into coffee and cafes. Michael’s strength is in production, from the roasting and creation of specific flavour profiles to finessing a consistency in brewing the ultimate cup. Kit sits more comfortably in the sales and marketing niche and is the brains behind the successful translation of their coffee vision at Cabrito Coffee Traders and soon-to-be Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee.

These guys aren’t just passionate about coffee, they’re passionate about the entire coffee experience. More than just a cafe, Welcome Dose aims to funnel this coffee fervour into an entire coffee educational.

Michael and Kit are proud of the culture they have created at Cabrito. From a consistently strong product offering to knowledgeable staff who are happy to engage with the customers, it’s a winning formula that will be emulated at Welcome Dose, albeit on a much larger scale. The majority of the roasting operations will relocate to Welcome Dose with Welcome Dose coffee also available on the Cabrito menu.

Welcome Dose are currently in discussion with us at VIVE to see how we can weave their love and knowledge of coffee into the VIVE Cooking School fabric. With lots of great, natural synergies, this collaboration will provide the caffeine hit you’ve been waiting for!

“Our focus has always been on the consumer experience, which means ensuring that our product is of a consistent quality, matched with an exceptionally high standard of customer service. We’ve always felt that if we get this right, then the rest will naturally follow.

— Kit Cheong, Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee